Desktop Version and German language

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Desktop Version and German language

Post  Shikkaria on Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:43 am

My Name is Alexander and I am a Chemical Engineer working alreadey as Engineer, but still have to finish my studies at University of Applied Science.

thx for this great Application, I realy love it and it is great.

Maybe you would like to add German to your Application, Next month I could be able to translate it for you, so you can add it to the next version.

There are also other Questions.
Is it Java based? maybe Python?
Is it possible to port it to Android? or even to Windows?

Could you imagine to do a "Desktop-Version", I would like to have for example a small Browser-Window in the corner, which is asking me every Minute( I want to configure how often he asks me)a new Card...
This Browser-Desktop-Window would be good for you too, because you could do a tiny little part of the window to load commercial, so you could earn a little bit of money, without big work...

Good Luck and keep on developing =)


Btw, I sent you by email a few dictionaries (TechnicalEnglishGerman)


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