2 little suggestions from my side

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2 little suggestions from my side

Post  Nyphur on Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:08 am


First of all thank you for this great application. However there are two things that i miss, so far.

1. I would like to have the option to use seperate lines in the cards.

For example:
Question: What factors are used in calculating velocity?
• Distance x [m]
• Time t [s]

For example by inserting the symbol ¶ wherever a break line is wanted.

2. More unicode support for languages.

This would be very useful for languages such as arabic that have additional symbols to indicate vowels, since in arabic for example vowels are not written, at least not in every case.
For example the arabic word كتب can mean "books" but also "he wrote". So you can differentiate both words by adding vowel symbols and differentiate like this:
"books" = كُتُبٌ
"he wrote" = كَتَبَ
Unfortunately cardlearner is not capable of displaying these symbols (called "harakat")

As a temporary solution i have created small JPG images that contain the words the way i want them. Unfortunately those take a lot of space, add up to the amount of more than 6000 images and due to the resolution may hardly by readable.

3. Why are images or text-cards in the training mode not extended to the most possible extent between the "I know" and the "I forgot" button? Sometimes a card is almost unreadably small when there is still a lot of space that could be filled by the card, by just extending it in length and/or width.

I would be more than happy if you could consider any of my suggestions and once again, thank you for the great program!

Greetings to Russia from Germany,



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